Advocacy is a critical pillar of our service to the membership. GOG’s advocacy initiatives impact the sector on a local, provincial, and national scale. We work vigorously on behalf of not only public art galleries but also on behalf of the visual arts and cultural sector in Canada. GOG advocates to the Ontario Provincial Government and the Canadian Federal Governments to make changes to policy and legislation and increase public awareness of a particular issue affecting arts and culture. We are part of numerous Advocacy groups such as the PASO-OPSA Coalition and other networks. We play a leading role in these advocacy groups and initiatives for the sustainability of the sector.


OAAG Advocating for the Visual Arts Sector in COVID19 Crisis Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG) is the leading voice of the Public Art Galleries in advocacy to the government and its agencies represents over 270 members belonging to the…

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OAAG From Home

OAAG is working from home and working for you. We continue to be a leading voice in Canada’s cultural sector and are working to ensure your voice is represented in conversations with key stakeholders and at all levels of government.…

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Networks and Organizations For You

This page will be updated regularly and feature networks and organizations that could benefit you, your institution, and many arts and cultural workers. Leadership Emergency Arts Network (LEAN)LEAN is an immediate, grassroots, pro bono response network to help Canadian professional…

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For Love or Money by Zainub Verjee

According to the CRA, an artist is either a professional or a hobbyist, which raises broader questions about whether art should be valued because it can be sold or because it can be shown. Written by Executive Director Zainub Verjee:…

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Impact Report Update: Membership

Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG) in the second phase of our COVID-19 Impact study with input from 60% of our stakeholders, grave concerns regarding the business continuity of these organizations have been raised. Over the next six months, across…

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Covid-19 Funding Body Updates

Here we’ll gather together links to the statements and resources offered by the different funding bodies that are connected to the public art gallery sector. Organization Link Canada Council for the Arts Covid-19 – info update Ontario Arts Council COVID-19…

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