What We Do


Advocacy is a critical pillar of our service to the membership. GOG’s advocacy initiatives impact the sector on a local, provincial, and national scale. We work vigorously on behalf of not only public art galleries but also on behalf of the visual arts and cultural sector in Canada. GOG advocates to the Ontario Provincial Government and the Canadian Federal Governments to make changes to policy and legislation and increase public awareness of a particular issue affecting arts and culture. We are part of numerous Advocacy groups such as the PASO-OPSA Coalition and other networks. We play a leading role in these advocacy groups and initiatives for the sustainability of the sector.

Professional Development

GOG is a primary originator and producer of professional development opportunities developed specifically for visual arts professionals working in and with Ontario’s public art galleries. Our professional development and research initiatives increase the capacity of our members to navigate today’s environment of rapid change, competing for challenges and emerging opportunities, including new technologies and new ways of working.  We engage in outreach through member and stakeholder surveys to ensure that our professional development opportunities are topical and relevant to issues and challenges in the sector. Our programming targets emerging to senior-level arts professionals development for curators, collection managers, exhibition coordinators, and registrars. These programs foster professional knowledge, skills, and practices related to key art gallery functions.

Network Building

GOG innovates unique learning exchanges for public art gallery directors, curators and educators. Our content presentation strategies are tailor-made in response to member-identified needs and priorities.